Why is the frame house AET

Check to see AET home advantages

Tested and certified

All AET home panel’s production has full product specification.

AET home panels have quality assurance testes!


Professional staff

You have an opportunity to get full information about the process operation of your home at any time and get a specialist’s advice


AET staff will help you to choose outward and interior

Wide range of quality constructional materials for any taste and budget


Workmanship for ages

AET houses are houses for comfort life for generations

High quality of constructional materials:

laminated Veneer Lumber with high performance characteristic. There is no need to treat wood with decay preservatives and other work wood

special heat retainer URSA solves a problem of room acoustic insulation, protects a house from external noise. It is life and health friendly, guarantees air purity and healthy home microclimate

high calibre DUPONT waterproof material and vapor barrier

fasteners and adaptors with inoxidizing coating

High quality of production and installation

Production of AET houses accompanied by permanent quality control test, it gets high  performance characteristic for AET houses

Do you have any questions?

Get information about your frame house

Our  expert will reach out to you in the nearest future

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