AET  is the innovative approach

in frame house building

AET house is:

in agreement with specification requirements

translation into action your wishes and individual wants

good for a Customers with different funds

People used frame house building from the earliest times. The story of so called “Canadian home” started in Europa. Those houses were hammered together with planks and battened. Such technology had long-term development.


Modern framehouses have to be up to environmental standards  and energy-savings   quality to provide  hot-performance capabilities of heat transmission resistance and moisture vapor transmission.


AET proposes the modern approach in modern frame house building.


AET activity is based on high caliber of frame house building. We have our own lead up: panels for house assembling is not on a construction site, but in the production department. Majority of constructional work needs proper equipment and professional grade tools which using is not possible on a construction site. We make 4 panel types: roof panels, external wall panels, internal dividing walls and floor slab panels.  Erection of manufactured panels is on a construction site.


Advantages of our lead up:


1. High caliber constructional work:

- trueness to size during erection  of panels within 1 mm;

- build quality. A lot of constructional work are made using easy-to-use accustomizations and special purpose tools;

- quality control test

2. There is no  risk of material damage caused of precipitation

3. Terms of manufacture and erection don't depend on weather. That's why manufacture and erection of AET home is possible at all times of  a year

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