Technical process of AET home


Wall AET home construction gives you high toughness index, heat transmission resistance (8,11 instead 3,2) and acoustic isolation. Thickness of outer wall starts from 340 mm

- gypsum board, plasterboard

- vapour barrier

- framework construction

200 mm

- drywall

- expandable poly styrene

- bonding plaster and colouring



Roof construction and special construction products for roofs and roof coverings give you high carrying force and low heat losses. Thickness of roof panel is 390-490 mm

- lath 30x70

- counter batten 30x50

- waterproof finish

- sawn timber frame 300-400 mm plus glass fibre

- vapor-proof barrier

- lath 30x70

You can order different type of roof

pitched roof:

flat roof:


You can order different finish materials for your AET home:

bonding plaster

fibre cement panels

wood or wood members

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